Wearable Evernote


Whether you’re running around town or in the office away from your desk, keep your to-do’s and lists on track . Say you’ve completed a checklist item. Just open the checklist note, view your tasks, and tap that check box. Boom. Bask in the satisfaction of taking care of business.

This is a quote from the blog post announcing Evernote for Apple Watch: The Day’s Work At Hand!  The Evernote application is a known tool for organizing and remembering projects, todos, notes and more.  Adding this capability to Apple’s first wearable Apple Watch creates an additional productivity boost.  And, Evernote has maintained it’s status as an organizational powerhouse among PC, Mac and Mobile app users.

I use Evernote for Apple Watch to stay current on my todos, maintaining efficiency and being thoroughly productive.  It maintains its rightful crown in Evernote’s organizational palace.

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