Presenting IT


Regularly, I am tasked with providing presentations that fall into specific categories of: requests for resources (monies, personnel, tools), updates on status (day-to-day performance, projects) and/or on topics (team culture, leadership).  Every single time, I dust off previous presentations, change formats, update text and think about the audience and the message.  These are highly important areas to focus on for every presenter and most are fully aware of the tried and true methodologies to a good presentation that they are expected to adhere to (for good reviews anyway!)

However, I wanted to showcase the blog post that Guy Kawasaki made back in 2005 which rings true to this day.  Guy formulated a rule that he found worked out well for him based not only on presentations given but on the large number of presentations he was seeing!  From an audience member’s perspective, Guy devised what is know as the 10/20/30 rule.  Dive into the 10/20/30 rule and see how your presentations may fare!

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