Retreat Before Defeat


As a Leader, you can become incredibly focused on the day-to-day operational success of the business that some of the bigger picture vision and strategy can lose focus.  To regain that focus, or to ensure that it is not lost, there can be great value in physically and emotionally separating from business operations and spending dedicated time on the larger vision and strategy issues.  This is often when leaders from throughout an organization will gather at an “off-site” or Retreat.

The Retreat is meant to be different, a relaxing comfort zone, encouraging levels of communication and discourse that are not found in the every day workplace.  It is also meant to be that focus where organizational strategy can be revisited and recommitted to.  Retreats often solidify working relationships, launch new ideas and ground leadership in a common mission.  Retreats are not where solutions will present themselves, but often start the conversations that lead to solutions.

Leaders can often forget to take this time for themselves or to organize the time for their key team members.  However, a Retreat is an important way in which to maintain focus on the business strategy that will enable growth and success. Leaders who invest in this grounding will see the results in a more successful strategy and in better day-to-day operational results than if the day-to-day was the sole focus.

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