The Meaning Behind High Tech Leadership

High Tech Leadership
High Tech Leadership

What do I mean by High Tech Leadership?

The BradFromIT Community is focused on the pursuit of High Tech Leadership.  At first, that seems like a very broad statement of purpose. It isn’t. High Tech Leadership is a combination of four distinct areas that joined together bring a sharp meaning to what binds this community. Allow me to walk you through these four areas, two of which I will align with High Tech and two of which I will align with Leadership. This is important not only because of the definitions and how we perceive them but for the sake of maintaining a balance in our focus.

Here are the High Tech areas:

1. Requiring Technology

This area is best viewed through the lens of how technology can enable so many more accomplishments today in areas of collaboration, communication and connections than it has been able to before.  At it’s intersection with Leadership, this area is the underlying infrastructure (think of roads).

2. Using Styles and Materials

This area showcases how individual styles in writing, presenting and designing along with our choice of materials we use to perform these tasks can enhance delivery of the message as well as the understanding of the message.  At it’s intersection with Leadership, this area is the mode of transportation (think of vehicles on the roads).

Here are the Leadership areas:

3. Actions of Guidance or Direction

This area provides for clear actionable items based on experiences and best practices that empower leaders to act on behalf of the team.  At it’s intersection with High Tech, this area is the guide to a chosen direction (think of navigation systems).

4. Position of Influence

This area presents the clear choice of being a follower or being a leader as a pivotal choice to the outcome of a given situation. At it’s intersection with High Tech, this is the decision to be in control or not (think of being a passenger or the driver).

Combined as one statement – High Tech Leadership – this is both the enabler and the possibilities that it enables.  That is so powerful to strive for both having Leadership and using Leadership.  The BradFromIT Community consists of many dedicated individuals who are pursuing that balance.

Can I be privileged enough to count YOU among them?

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