Leadership 2.0 – Listen to The Message of Value


This article is the first in a series.

Leadership is a constantly evolving practice that calls us to improve with a wide array of leaders offering advice and examples of just how we can improve. This shift to constant self improvement for the betterment of our teams feeds into itself and is never ending.

Today’s Topic: Listen to The Message of Value

Here are some questions and answers that can help us to understand and navigate these endless self-improving waters.

How do you know who to listen to?

It’s not about who. It’s just not. It is about finding the message you need to hear from someone who can make you hear it. Leaders can be very determined and so focused that messages on the sideline are not received. Every so often, one individual message will break through the noise and will be received. That person will be different for everyone but that person’s message is the who.

This stems from the belief that the message that will break through to you is the one that will be the most beneficial. It will often fit like a puzzle piece into the messages you already receive. In that way, it is the message you need and want to hear.

How do you know that you really need to change? 

Remaining stagnant is not an option. We are called to change and adapt – to new technologies, new communication channels and to new messages. We regularly receive new information, process that information and decide if that information has value for us or not. This is not different. As Leaders, it just happens to grow in scale.

For instance, every new team member changes the team and can slightly or significantly alter our leadership style. This level of an event can open us up to hear new messages that had been escaping us before. Imagine needing to accommodate several new team members or an audience of followers, that can cause a large need for a new message from a new voice.

How do you know you are hearing the right message?

The message is important as long as it brings value to you. If you do not find value in the message – maybe even a message that once brought you great value – then it is time to re-evaluate the need to still be listening to that message. This can often be hard as you look upon an individual as your leader or your mentor and now need to reconsider that pivotal relationship.

Try to remember that because that particular message may not be of value to you today, that it may have provided or may again provide great value to you tomorrow. In the simplest of terms, it is a message you have moved past and outgrown. You have room now to hear a new message that will guide you along on your next journey.

How do you know if you are hearing too many messages?

When you reach a point that you are unable to hear messages clearly or when messages conflict with each other, you may be trying to listen to too many messages. If you look closer at the messages you are choosing to hear, some will resonate with you stronger than others. It is those stronger messages that you want to focus in on and connect with. The other messages that are not as strong, those may be creating too much noise and are worth moving past.

In the Next Article in this series, we will seek out how to Let Your Message Be Valued

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