Leadership 2.0 – Let Your Message Be Valued

Message Value
Message Value

This article is the second in a series.

In the first article, Listen to The Message of Value, we asked who was the right leadership voice to listen to, how to identify if the message being heard was the right message and considered if we were hearing too many messages.

Leadership is a constantly evolving practice that calls us to improve with a wide array of leaders offering advice and examples of just how we can improve. This shift to constant self improvement for the betterment of our teams feeds into itself and is never ending.

Today’s Topic: Let Your Message Be Valued

Here are some questions and answers that can help us to understand and navigate these endless self-improving waters.

How do I know if I have a message?

You hear many messages that you choose to listen to and that help you in your journey. As you choose those messages over time, they – along with your own life experiences – are influencing you and defining further the message you have to share.

Everyone shares their messages differently. Some may be in small interactions with their family and friends. Others may impact a team and organization. Still others may seek to shape a whole new generation of leaders. In every case, they have a message and it is being shared.

How do I know if my message is being heard?

Your message is like the many messages you have the choice of hearing or not. As you share it, others will determine if it brings them value at the time and place they are hearing it in their lives. If it does, they will continue to hear you and continue to seek your message out. If it does not, do not be dismayed – your message still has tremendous value – it is simply impossible to be valued and heard by everyone.

Should I change my message so that it is heard?

We are all called to change. Feel free to change your approach, conversation style, presentation style or mode of delivery so that your message may be better heard or received. After all, when your message is of value to a person, your team or an audience, you want to maximize that value for them.

However, the need exists to resist changing the actual content of your message to suit others rather than yourself. Your message should change when you change through life experiences and not for the sake of increasing the number of people who hear your message. Simply changing your message for this benefit actually dilutes the meaning of your message to you and will eventually cause others to realize your message is not authentic.

In the Next Article in this series, we will seek out how to Upgrade your Leadership.

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